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We have always taken pride in our level of concern and commitment to the natural surroundings and local peoples we encounter on our travels. However, our natural approach to responsible tourism has recently been formalized into action; addressing concerns on how our holidays may effect the environment, economic and social welfare of the places we visit. Our goal is to operate a tour programme that creates a positive impact on the lands that we visit and a lasting impression for those who travel with us.

Our tours in the great outdoors of India are firmly committed to preserving our sensitive environment. On each and every trip conducted by us we follow strict Eco- Code that starts right from our booking offices, the professional field staff handling the trip and the local communities involved. We strictly follow the codes laid down by “Himalayan Environmental Trust”.

It is our pledge to promote and conduct responsible and sustainable tourism with the involvement of local communities at every level. Our aim is to conserve the natural and cultural heritage of India and always practice low impact tourism.

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