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Born from the merging of the Stod and Tsarap rivers, the Zanskar arises near the border between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, and makes its way northward, to meet the Indus at Nimmy. A beautiful stretch of water, the Zanskar is not as wild and wicked as it is thought to be. It does have some grade III and IV rapids but they are fewer and more far between Among the most exciting runs on the Zanskar is the Padum Nimmu run, a trip which takes several days and involves having to Camp out in the wild. This run is full of exciting good rapids and we only recommend this trip to people with fair bit of experience in white water rafting.

Another good run is the Phey Nimmy run, easier then Padum- Nimmu one its mostly Grade II and III. The main attraction of the run is that it passes through astoundingly beautiful mountains, many of them with tiny villages and impressive old monasteries. Nestling among the villages. The run starts at Phey and ends about 36 kms form Leh , at Nimmu . Nimmu is situated at eh confluence of Ladakhi two main river the Indus and the Zankskar.

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