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Angling is an activity is more and more known by everyone and more and more people are coming out of indoors to try their skills for this outdoor relaxation. The Alpinestar Holidays providing you the great fun in angling that you had never before.
Angling can become a very enjoyable sport that is if you've got abundance of time in hand and loads of patience. This is an eco friendly sport more of all angling or sport fishing is become quiets an easy sport for even a beginner.
India, with its dozens of rivers and thousands of streams, propose vast opportunities for sport fishing and angling. Northern India’s waters, both fresh and salt, can be a pleasant surprise.

Why Angling in Northern India: “What makes angling or sport fishing easy in northern India is that most beautiful small town stretch out along rivers, as a result of which getting to a suitable fishing spot is usually not a difficulty. Also, most states have well-organized Departments of Fisheries, where special hatcheries ensure that there’s always a gene pool of local and exotic fish.”

Central Rivers:
• The Brahmaputra
• Peninsula Rivers
• The Ganga
• The Yamuna
• The Coastal Waters
Major rivers like the Ganga and its tributaries, the Yamuna, the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi, the Krishna and the Kaveri are home to a wide spectrum of fish.

Types of Fishes: Including Mahseer, Rohu, Katli, Trout Murrel, Catfish and Cyprinids. The coastal waters lapping the shoreline of peninsular India harbor marine sport fish such as mackerel, marlin and sea bass.

Timing for trip: Angling or sport fishing is possible on Northern Indian Rivers almost all over the year, even though most state authorities disallow angling during the monsoon months, when fish are breeding. Regional variations in climate can however, reason of obstruction: most of the Himalayas, for example, are too cold to allow any angling during the winter months.

Best season for angling: On the whole, October to November and mid-February to mid-May are the best times to go sport fishing in Northern India.

Licenses and permits: Fishing licenses are compulsory for all passionate anglers, so go to the designated official before you just might find yourself being punished. In most cases, fishing licenses are not issued during the monsoon (when most fish species breed). Furthermore, there are terms that all fish caught must be released into the water, and anglers are restricted to a specified number of fish per day.

Things to bring: Angling requires loads of staying power, and the capability to keep at a standstill and calm for hours on end- and then the expertise to clash it out with a heavyweight fish of up to 200 kg for the next hour or more.

The basic tings to bring: The basic fishing equipment required contains rods, lines, hooks, reel, flies, spinners, spoons and bait- in the form of worms, paste or other lure. Light, waterproof clothing- brown or green in color- is essential, as are waterproof shoes or light sandals which can easily be slipped off to drain out sand or water. Sunscreen, a light hat and dark glasses are necessary, and during the winter make sure you’re fully clad with sufficient woolens.

Rivers n’ strike: The main rivers draw out suitable for angling are in the lower Himalayas, the Satpuras, and the Aravalis.
India’s rivers have approximately 31 species of freshwater fish. Some of northern India’s best fishing bash, In quieter times, rivers like the Lidder, Indus, Jhelum and smaller tributaries like the Bringhi, Aru and Sheshnag- all full up with fish, especially brown trout- were a haven for anglers.

Major Angling Fishing Sites in Northern India: Areas of Himachal and Garhwal region in Uttrakhand too are outstanding for Trout fishing and the best sport period is from May to September.

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