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Alpinestarholidays was an excellent outfitter. My friends and I had a great time hiking. The tour guide was great and the support staff made the trip an exceptional one. I can't wait to try another hike with Alpinestar Holidays.
Costa Mesa

We started our journey at a river camp near Rishikesh. The first day we went by a jeep to Auli. Auli is a ski resort in winter. Already the jeep-trip was kind of adventurous because the roads seemed to be carved out of the mountains.
In Auli, we stayed in small but comfortable huts. After breakfast the next morning we started the trek. From the beginning it was a steep way up and we started to take the warm clothes off part by part. It was the beginning of November. The weather was fine. The sun was shining and I felt very comfortable with my trekking-shirt I wear above a t-shirt.
The landscape we passed this day and the following days was so beautiful. There were so many great views we had but it was quite a drudgery to get to that points. The way was sometimes really steep. I wonder how our guide could climb that fast and not be winded at all. But I felt great when I reached a leg and could enjoy the view.
Fortunately, we didn't have to carry all the stuff like tents, sleeping bags or food. We had some mules and muleteers which did that for us.
The tasty meals for lunch and dinner have also been a highlight. I'm very happy that I took part in this trek. Alpinestar Holidays did a really great job organizing all this. I wish the team, Atul and the other guys all the best and hope to see you soon again.

The experience we had during our wonderful stay at your camp been incomparable. We had wonderful stay, delicious food, adventurous rafting & rappling, refreshing volleyball and above all the experience of serene and peaceful banks of Ganges. The icing on the cake was the visit to Parmarth Ashram for the Ganga Aarti. If we sum it up on the whole once in a lifetime experience this will always be in our heart.
Pramod Joshi
General Manager Metallurgy
SMS India Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon

This place is remarkable. We all loved it and had a great time. The food and the location is just mind blowing. We will defiantly suggest this place to other people and would love to come here again. Keep it up !!!!
Pravin Patil
Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai

This place is out of the world. The people were very humble & the hospitality was amazing. We spent a lovely time here which we are going to treasure for the rest of our lives. Keep up the Great Work !!! Cheers !!
Moon Dey
Rohini, New Delhi

I felt amazing to camp with Alpinestar Holidays. The staff over was co-operative and helpful and polite. Will surly recommend my friends to camp with Alpinestar Holidays.
Rachna Shah
Mulund(W), Mumbai-80

The staff is very good, they went and got a CAKE for my Birthday :-)
Bandra, Bombay

The hygiene food and the hospitalities offered were excellent. Staff is very well behaved. Very homely arrangements Keep it up !!!
Lt. Probhjot

Excellent, would come again :-)
Prop. Saraswati Raju
JNU, New Delhi

Alpinestar Holidays was a home away from home, for me for the past 8 days. Stay was memorable events of my life. I feel myself a member of Alpinestar Holidays family. Would love to come back as and when possible. The facilities, food provided at this height and this part of world are incomparable. With sincere gratitude I thank every member of Alpinestar Holidays and wish you a long and happy future.
Mithlesh Basu

"A holiday with ALPINESTAR HOLIDAYS can prove a delightful change. Pack your rucksacks,take your cameras, and simply follow your instinct."