Alpinestar Holidays
Delivering Adventure


Multi Activity Adventure for Groups

Alpinestar Holidays offers groups a chance to experience a weekend getaway filled with ‘thrills & tranquility’ in the great outdoors.

A stay at our permanent multi - activity camps, gives you a chance to relax and enjoy scenic moments while we provide adventure programming to stretch your boundaries. Choose to stay in any of our multi - activity campsites and enjoy the great food that our camps are known for.
You can choose from a range of adventure activities like river rafting, rock climbing-rappelling, hiking, jungle safari and many more.  

All these activities offered on very reasonable cost specially for group sizes of 40 to 50 persons or more.

Thrills as well as tranquility! What better way to rejuvenate the senses

"A holiday with ALPINESTAR HOLIDAYS can prove a delightful change. Pack your rucksacks,take your cameras, and simply follow your instinct."