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Jim Corbett National Park
Rajaji National Park
Nandadevi National Park
Safari is an adventure which takes the traveler to the adopted areas of a arid or forest. Wild life safari, involves exploring the hidden insights whether by hiking, walking, trekking, on a vehicle or the aback of an elephant. In all, a Wild life Safari is an trip in the lap of Mother Nature while exploring its immense bounties.

Exploring the Wilderness with Alpinestars Holidays is consistently an added advantage as it holds such secrets one can never think of. But while, it is an absorbing option, it as well requires some faculty and sensitivity. At Alpinestar trips we follow the rules of Eco-tourism and never pollute the environment. With a little added understanding, you will be taking home abundant memories of your journey.

The national parks help in conserving appropriately all-inclusive array of beastly and bird species. Some of the rarest wild life breeds can be encountered in altered locations of the country. India is abounding with affluence and sanctuaries to assure its agrarian activity assets.

"A holiday with ALPINESTAR HOLIDAYS can prove a delightful change. Pack your rucksacks,take your cameras, and simply follow your instinct."