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Is your company recognized/Do you have a permit to operate river rafting?
 Yes our company is recognized by Department of tourism Uttrakhand. We have a valid permit to operate river rafting.

What if I can not swim?
Don't be too concerned. It's more of a question of how comfortable are you in the water. Wear your personal floatation device (life jacket) at all times. In rivers you go with the flow and work your way toward shore. It doesn't require much swimming skill on day trip sections but on high grades on a difficult expedition swimming certainly helps. Take a class and swim a rapid in your PFD, then decide.

How strenuous is paddling?
You will be active, but if you are in moderately good physical condition, the challenge will not strain you. There is little danger if you follow the safety rules and don't try to swim or paddle beyond your skills. Majority of the fun trips on the rivers like Ganges you get time to relax after each white water section.

What about children and aged?

It depends on the child/aged and the challenge of your specific trip. It is a fascinating, rewarding experience for a child/aged that is prepared for an outdoor challenge, and who can easily adjust to the company of adults and the discipline that water and water/river safety requires. Keep in mind that children above 14 years of age are allowed on all sections and for float trip sections we allow 12 years and above, clearance from the river guide and with the written consent of parent/guardian. You know your child best. For the upper age limit for the fun trips it’s totally on the physical and medical fitness of the participants and clearance from the river guide. For more challenging river expeditions we recommend the upper age limit to 50 years.

What class of equipment and guides will we be using?

You will be using world class NRS/Hyside rafts and equipment. All our guides are well trained and are certified by department of Tourism Uttrakhand.

Am I going to get wet, and how should I dress?
Yes. Water does splash on you. Wear a swim suit, and shoes/secured floaters that can get wet but won't come off your feet. Foot injury is the most common injury, from walking around on uneven terrain and broken glass. Shoes should be worn at all times. Wet suit booties or wool sox keep your feet warm. Avoid lose clothing like sariies, kurta pajamas. Avoid expensive jewelry/items. Bring a nylon wind shell, a glasses strap, sunscreen and some extra warm clothes. Have a towel and a dry set of clothes and shoes to get into after your trip.

What do I do with my camera?
There are water tight boxes/dry bags for cameras. If you have an exceptionally valuable camera, leave it at home.

Is there any Angling on paddling trips?
Yes. State angling licenses should be obtained before the trip. You should bring a small folding type rod that can be stored easily when not in use.

What is a good trip for a first timer?
If you have never rafted before stay on easy sections. You can't get into to much trouble, but remember if you capsize it can be a long, cold swim to shore. Take a class before attempting rivers.

When is the best time to go on a river trip?
On the high volume rivers like Ganga the season is round the year leaving only the monsoons, April, May and June are high water months on rivers like Tons, Yamuna. Some rivers may be run able only at that time. Others may be too high to be safe. Many rivers are dam controlled and are run able all summer. Check with us to find out. Weather can also be a factor.
What facilities are there at campsite?  

  • Are your team building and adventure sports instruction programs customizable for our group?
    We have a number of team building and adventure sports instruction programs that are pre-designed and have been successful with many groups over the years, however, we always design your programs around your specific needs, incorporating your desired outcomes.
  • What size groups do you work with?
    We offer programs for groups of 4 to 500 participants. Regardless of the number of participants, our goal is a high quality program that meets your goals and budget.

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