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The Alpinestar Holidays organized cycle tour in Northern India we known that this is the perfect means to explore unreachable villages away from the highways. So be the part of Alpinestar Holidays to have a huge excitement in cycling.
If you havenít cycled since your school days donít worry. All our trips have supported crew so you can cycle at your own swiftness, while there are no yellow jersey awards at the end of the day.
Alpinestaer operates cycle tours in northern India as we activate a mountain cycling programme.The cycling is during rising and falling on sealed and unsealed roads for between 20 and 100 km a day at a stable speed and is entirely maintained by a supported team.
Mountain Cycling involves cycling on distant and bumpy roads, in uneven weather conditions for up to eight hours a day. You will expend successive days at height usually not more than 5,500m.
Suggested preparation: 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic type exercise, including road cycling, three times a week.
Alpinestar Cycling trip will be first on mountain roads/trails, and in variable weather conditions. For these expeditions it is important that you also prepare in unpleasant weather conditions.

Our cycling trips itinerary: Alpienstar cycling expedition has wide range of self guided cycling holiday itineraries is all about the freedom to explore what interests you, at your own speed. Youíll enjoy the company of a skilled guide who is with you from the time you reach your destination until your trip end and a small group of like intellect traveling companions from around the world.

Things to bring: You will need to afford your own cycle. To get the most out of this fully maintained trip you require an echo level of cycling strength and you should be relaxed in unfavorable weather conditions in distant areas.

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"A holiday with ALPINESTAR HOLIDAYS can prove a delightful change. Pack your rucksacks,take your cameras, and simply follow your instinct."